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Premium Dog Boot Camp 30 Days
This package is for people that just do not have time to train their dogs. A Four-week course, designed to teach your dog basic obedience from square one or advanced tasks for obedient dogs.  It can be used to help alleviate a wide variety of issues.Your dog is required to be at least 6 months old at the time of initial drop off for boot camp. No prior training is necessary to enroll in this dog training course. Your dog will learn all the basics, without needing a pocket full of treats or clickers. The basic commands dogs will learn consist of sit, out (drop it), heel, down, and stay. Your dog will receive structured, one on one, canine training for a total of 27 days . The owner will also receive 3, private, in home sessions to further progress training while learning the techniques to keep the dog proficient.
Basic Dog Boot Camp 15 Days
A package for dog owners with busy schedules and no time to train their dogs! This is a two week course, designed as a dog obedience, refresher course. For dogs and owners that have already gone through a previous obedience course; or for those who want to start dog training with a good foundation. For a total of 13 days, the dog will receive structured canine training, one on one! The owner will also receive 2, private, in home, dog training sessions that progress further; and learn the technique that will keep the dog proficient in behaviors recently refreshed or newly acquired. This course can be used to teach specific behaviors or modify existing ones. The training may be modified at the owner's request, to address specific, problematic behaviors.  
Custom Dog Boot Camp   

Now you can get boarding and training at the same place customizable to your individual needs.  Are you leaving for a short trip and want some professional training?  Look no further.  WE will work with your dog on specific training while you are away.  It couldn't be easier you go an vacation and I train your dog.  I suggest if you opt for this training that you also purchase the introductory lesson to help understand how to keep your dogs new behaviors.
Bootcamp Style Dog Training
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Boot camp has very limited availability we only accept one dog at a time please call to check availability.
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