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All Packages Include
Introductory Lesson !!!

Advanced training begins with learning the fundamentals, Basic Obedience training is the first step towards more advance training. Learning to walk before you run is as much a reality for you as it is your dog. After graduating basic obedience you are eligible to enroll in any of the
advanced training I offer, but just like elementary, everything starts with the basics first.

Executive Package (10 Sessions) Advanced Training
10 sessions of advanced training usually the next step after completing the premium package.  This is for owners who have completed one of our other packages and is ready to move forward with the training.  In order to enroll in this program the team must be able to pass a basic obedience evaluation.  If the dog is not reliable in an environment with distractions please consider the one of the other packages listed below..

Premium Package (10 Sessions) 6 sessions of OBD and 4 Sessions of Advanced Training
Will your dog make it through the advanced program?  Give it a try here and see if you and your dog can move further. This package is great for those who want an introduction to the more advanced training we offer but are not sure if the dog can do the work.

Plus Package
          ( 6-sessions)
This is one of the most popular dog training packages we offer.  The additional sessions give us time for those who need more help or have one than more animal. This package is for those who are not currently interested our advanced training but want to learn additional commands that our basic package does not cover. We will also get to take things at more of a relaxed pace with the additional sessions provided.With the purchase of any of our obedience packages you will be issued a training manual you can keep for future reference.

Basic Package
  (4 sessions)
This is our entry level package for those who do not have any major issues with their dog but prefer private in home instruction and live in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Training is focused on the Fundamentals of Dog Obedience
(F.I.D.O.) it teaches proper human canine communication skills, based on science and thoroughly tested through training and application.  This package will teach you more than you can imagine about your four legged friend so don't wait.  You will both be glad that you did. With the purchase of any of our obedience packages you will be issued a training manual you can keep for future reference.
RDT Obedience courses are designed to strengthen the bond between dog and human while being fun and educational for both owner and dog. You will be amazed at how simple it is to train your dog! Your will learn basic obedience, without treats or clickers and learn about natural dog leadership.  Subjects such as normal dog pack structure, regular dog behaviors, effective methods of dog communication, proper use of dog training tools, and how it relates to obedience training. Basic Obedience commands taught vary depending on the number of lessons but all programs include Sit, Out (drop it), Heel, Down, Stay and Come. Additional commands covered include boundary control, quiet, obedience drills, and heel stationary.(A command used to make your dog come to you and sit on your left hand side. )
Basic obedience training is an excellent way to keep your dog under control and make your life easier. Dogs do not think like humans, and if they are treated like humans it can cause behavioral issues such as stress, nervousness, anxiety or even aggression. Dogs are pack animals and need to know that there is a clear cut pack hierarchy. If this social structure is not in place it will cause confusion, leading the dog to believe that there is no social structure. If this is the case, the dog will try to implement a pack structure, and place itself at the top. This behavior will cause problems for the entire family and any guests that come over.
For basic obedience I do not use treats or clickers. Major pet store chains rely on the use of treats in order to increase their food sales revenue. Think about it, does it make more sense for a major pet food distributor to sell you a $4 training collar once, and teach you to use it properly, or does it make more sense to teach you to bribe your dog for food treats at $10 - $20 a bag for the rest of the dogs life? Are the major pet food retailers really trying to benefit you and your dog or simply increase their own revenue? I will accomplish a better response with the $4 training collar than they will with $100s in treats. This will save you money and time in the long run and keep you from having to rely on food bribery.
Get started, sign up for the introductory lesson
(the cost of this lesson can be applied towards a training package for 1st time clients)

The introductory lesson is the first session of any obedience dog training package. This session is typically 80 percent lecture and 20 percent practical application.  It takes approximately 2 hours be sure to allow enough time for this essential course in psychology and training.   During the introductory lesson you learn the Fundamentals of Dog Obedience (FIDO) and the science behind dog training. Handlers learn to use the various types training including Positive only reward, Negative only, and how to blend them together. 

You will learn to use equipment properly and apply the technique correctly. Understanding and knowing behavior is vital to the training process of both you and the dog. This session sets the tone and standards for which all of the RDT training programs are based on. This is the foundation for all dog training we will conduct together in the future. This session can be included with any of the packages or can be taken as an individual class. After completion of this class you will be allowed to apply the cost of this lesson to any of the other training packages we offer. With the purchase of any of our obedience packages you will be issued a training manual you can keep for future reference
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