Experience, knowledge and education are the primary reasons I am one of the Arizona's most sought after dog trainers.  I had very humble beginnings and have come a long way since I first started, here is the condensed version.

I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in October 1995. In the very specialized career field of Military Police K-9 Handler. I graduated from the 341st training squadron,. This is one of the most complete and trusted K-9 schools in the world and I am proud to have attended.

I traveled the world and worked with both military and civilian police K-9s. I have handled numerous dogs and assisted with training, maintaining, improving, and solving problematic behavior's.
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I believe the best way to train a dog is to educate the owner about dog behavior and teach them about the fundamentals of dog behavior. These methods work and are based on information learned as a Military Working Dog or K-9 Handler. Since I started this business I have never been more satisfied. I am glad to have made a such huge difference in so many lives.
Louis W. Robinson and Lucy
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Louis W. Robinson and MWD Orrie
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Louis W. Robinson and TV STAR Brady Barr of "Dangerous Encounters" Produced by Nat Geo
Louis W. Robinson and Senator Jeff Dial
Louis W. Robinson and Mayor Greg Lewis