Do You FIDO?
FIDO stands for Fundamentals In Dog Obedience.  Itís a no nonesese guide to understanding Behavior and Training.  Learn the proís and conís of both Positive only and Traditional training techniques. Packed with over 25 commands, a sample curriculum, and Dog logís, Iím so confident with this program that if youĎre not satisfied IĎll refund your money. Get your FIDO Today.
LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with our book(s), you may send us your physical copy or delete your download, please include a note describing why you are disappointed and you will receive a full refund or credit to your charge card for what you have paid for any of our books.
Experience, background, and education are the primary reasons I have been called  "A leader in the ... training industry"   by K-9 Cop Magazine.  

It began in '95 after I joined the Air Force and was selected to be a Security Police K-9 Handler. During my enlistment I traveled the world and worked with both military and civilian police K-9's. These were some of the best dog's in the industry and I am proud to have trained and handled a few.

Fast forward to 2007,  I started Robinson Dog Training to satisfy my passion for dogs and help people with their pets.    With my military background in K-9 training I can offer a wide variety of training services to my clients including Obedience, Protection, Service, Therapy and much more.  Between you and me, I play with dogs all day and get paid for doing it.  I Love my Life!  You're Going to Love this book!
Louis William Robinson
Over 25 Commands
165 pages, topics include: Pavlovís Dog,  Positive Only and Traditional methods, Training Equipment, Name Recognition, Potty Training, Crate Training, House breaking, Drop It, Come, Sit, Heel, Heel Stationary, Marching Drills, Down, Stay, Advanced Stay, Long Leash Obedience, Off Leash Training, Hand Signals, Place, Nipping (no biting), Jumping, Speak, Quiet, Retrieving Objects, Away, Leave It, Alarm Clock, Running on a treadmill, Relax, Separation Anxiety, Submissive Urination, Excitement Urination, Marking, Juvenile Destruction,  Incontinence problems, Boredom, Aggression, Alpha confusion and  Reward Schedules and more.
"My dog did not and would not obey,I was so embarrassed. It was satisfying to see her move along so quickly.I have a sharp dog...I can not thank you enough"
-Mrs. Wright

"The tips you provided on dog behavior ... were invaluable for me in understanding the nature of my dog and how to get her to respond to me"

"I have used your techniques on the 15 weeks she sits, stays, lies down, walks at the heel, and if she has something I don't want her to have she will drop it on command, and is completely housebroken. It is amazing"
- Mary

"Every day I see big improvements & I enjoy walking them once again"

"We feel that we can now take this information and train any dog that we may have in the future."
-Carl & Charlotte
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