Frequently Asked Questions

What types of training methods do you use?
My methods are a blend of positive and negative reinforcement based on Pavlovs' dog and the principals of conditioning. These are the same methods I learned in the 341st training squadron, which is the U.S.A.F., joint school for military working dog handlers in Medina, Texas. Your dog will be well-behaved without the need for clickers, or a pocket full of food. Resulting in a obedient and well-balanced dog.

I don’t want my dog to become a robot.
Your dog will not become a robot. The training principals are designed to create an obedient, well mannered dog that is pleasant to be around. Your dog will still play and act like a dog, only now the dog will be better at following commands. This is accomplished by teaching the Owner/Handler about the basic principles of canine, cognitive learning. Effectively allowing you to understand how the dog will react to influences from you and environmental cues..

Do I need to purchase my own equipment or will you provide it for me?

Most people already have all the equipment that is required. Some of the basic requirement examples would be a leather or nylon leash between 4’-6’ long and standard slip collar or choke chain. If you do not already have a crate you may want to consider purchasing one depending on the age of the dog and living situation. Additional equipment such as toys, treats, clickers, gentle leaders, harnesses, muzzles, pincher collars, shock collars, whistles,  training leashes, and long leashes can often enhance training but without the basic foundation this system provides they can be used incorrectly, often resulting in negative behavior, creating additional problems. 

Why should I choose you over another trainer? Do you have a certification?
Dog training is an unregulated profession. Some dog trainers have attended workshops, seminars, or some have even attended a few short classes on the subject.

I attended the 341st training squadron in Medina Texas, also known as one of the best K-9 handler training facilities in the Country. Civilian police officers may be on the waiting list for 2 years or more to attend this school. After 438 credit hours I graduated from the dog handler academy. I was then employed by the USAF training narcotics detection dogs until I demonstrated my capabilities. A few months after being assigned a Drug Detection Dog I was given the honor and responsibility to handle an Explosive Detection Dog. This particular dog came with the responsibility of knowing that many lives depended on my training.

A lot of knowledge can be learned from reading books but experience can only be gained through practice and repetition. I have over 10,000 hours experience training dogs that were vital to our countries national security. I have a certificate of training from the 341st training squadron, and I also have my DD-214 which say I was a military working-dog handler trainer/supervisor.   If you would like to see a copy of these items please feel free to ask me.

You trained military dogs - what makes you think you can train “Fluffy”?
In the military the standard of dog performance is very high to ensure maximum effectiveness of the animal. The training placed on military dogs is a lot more in-depth than most family pets require. The techniques I use are based on the principals of conditioning. These methods are based on dog psychology and behavior. They can be applied to any dog including “Fluffy” producing a very obedient and well-mannered pet dog.

Can anyone do Executive Protection training?
Not every dog or owner is suitable for protection training and each case needs to be evaluated individually prior enrollment. You are required take my
basic obedience course and pass, or you will be required to go though an obedience evaluation. I have a strict policy against putting dangerous dog teams out in public. If I feel you are not responsible or your dog is not suitable then I will not train or work with you in this area. If your dog is not suitable for this type of training and you want to further your education then you are welcome to take any of the advanced training  courses.

My dog is out of control can you help?
There are very few dogs that cannot be trained. The problems are almost never the dog's fault; it is usually an owner-created issue. I can help you identify the source of the behavior and give you several ideas and techniques to resolve them.

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