At RDT we constantly strive to provide the best dog training experience for your family and canine companion. We provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of creating cooperative canines. We use easy to understand lesson plans that are both fun and effective while building a stronger bond. Honest evaluations and real solutions for all dog owners are what you can expect with RDT. The ultimate goal is to improve human canine interactions through tried and tested methods. No fads or trends being followed here.

When it comes to dog training we simply do what we know works the best for each individual situation. Not all dogs or people are created alike and they should not be treated as such. All dog training styles can be useful. Knowing when to use a particular method is an integral part of our educational program. Together, we help you figure out what is the best training to suit your lifestyle and the dog's needs.

Generally, a dog just wants to love and please their owner but unfortunately society, as a whole, has forgotten how to speak to our four legged friends. When communication breaks down it is frustrating and sometimes can destroy an otherwise healthy relationship. Any good dog trainer will tell you that training the owner is the first step to train a dog.

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