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This club gives everyone an alternative to the big box store training and chance to work with their dog to become a real team.  We want the general public and their pet owners to be aware of the benefits from this simple, effective, and easy training method. Prices are for 1 Dog and One owner.  Add a second handler or dog for half price.

Class is open enrollment come anytime. 

The information presented during this program was originally created for military police K9 handlers in school for optimum reliability and performance of their dog teams in the field.  This technique is perfect for pet dogs and owners. It was modified for pets in 2008 by USAF K-9 Veteran Handler Louis Robinson and made available to the general public with rave reviews.  This method has been taught to thousands of dog and owners across the valley with great success.  Mr. Robinson was even recognized as a leader in the dog training industry by K-9 Cop magazine and has been made several television  stations apperances.

Be prepared for great dog training and to meet other like minded people who are working towards having a well trained pet.  Get the skills you need and join the RDT K-9 Team Club.

What Does the RDT K-9 Team Club teach?
The focus of the K-9 Team group class is on the fundamentals of dog training and covers the basic handling techniques every responsible dog owner should know. We teach valuable leadership skills and flawless techniques to our students and hope to see them become Assistant OBD instructors.
Primary Location:
Groupclass meets twice per month on Friday Nights.  Class will be held on the west side of the Basis Mesa in the adjacent park near the baseball diamond. The address is 5110 S Eastmark pkwy, Mesa Az 85212 Class Starts at 7:00

How old does my dog have to be to enroll.
No dog is too old for training.  Although there is a minimum age of 14 weeks to start with obedience training, however you can get an early start and join the RDT OBD Club for socialization and meet the other club members to learn the technique early anytime.
Required Equipment:
Buckle Collar, 5 - 6 non-retractable leash, and metal slip collar. (15' Leash for level 2)

Official RDT Training Equipment. Will be available for purchase before and after class.
RDT K-9 Club Class Dates
09/28/2018 @ 7:00
10/12/2018 @ 7:00
10/26/2018 @ 7:00
11/09/2018 @ 7:00
11/23/2018 @ 7:00
12/07/2018 @ 7:00
12/21/2018 @ 7:00
01/11/2019 @ 7:00
01/25/2019 @ 7:00
02/08/2019 @ 7:00
02/22/2019 @ 7:00
03/08/2019 @ 7:00
03/22/2019 @ 7:00
04/05/2019 @ 7:00
04/26/2019 @ 7:00
05/10/2019 @ 7:00
05/24/2019 @ 7:00
05/07/2019 @ 7:00

Be sure to check Facebook for cancellation notices.

Cancelation Policy:
Cancellations or changes will be posted our Facebook page Robinson Dog Training.  Cancellation Status of class can be changed with as little as 1 hour notice for reasons such as Rain, Temps over 100 degrees, Storms etc.
In class we will cover CCRR, Sit, Heel, Down, Stay, Come.  Heel Stationary, Obedience drills (marching), and Long  distance commands(15' or more).
See Current Rates
Due to excessive heat summer Group class is on break in June, July, August and some of September
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