Single Sessions
Single sessions are 1 hour or less and can cover or diagnose a wide variety of issues.  The session is geared towards teaching the owner how to fix or alleviate problematic  behaviors or teaching new tasks. This lesson can be used for any of the following including mild to extreme aggression diagnosis.  problem solving,task specific training, AKC CGC testing or certification, rattle snake aversion, crate training, house breaking, doggy door training, unfamiliar territory fears, dog selection, dog procurement, canine introductions, and but not limited to temperament testing.  These sessions do not include the training manual or the instruction the introductory lesson provides but any of my Phoenix in home dog Training programs can be paid for per session at your pace or as a package. We can custom tailor a game plan to meet your specific needs regardless of difficulty. For substantial savings on Arizona area dog training, buy a dog training package.
Introductory Lesson
The introductory lesson is the first session of any obedience dog training package. This session is typically 80 percent lecture and 20 percent practical application.  It takes approximately 2 hours be sure to allow enough time for this essential must have course in psychology and canine training.  We will schedule subsequent sessions during this time and find a time that fits your schedule. During this lesson you will learn the fundamental principals and the science behind dog training. You will learn how to use the various types training including Positive only reward, Negative only, and how to blend them together.  You will learn to use equipment properly and apply the technique correctly. Understanding and knowing behavior is vital to the training process of both you and the dog. This session sets the tone and standards for which all of my training programs are based on.It is the foundation for all dog training we will conduct together in the future. This session can be included with any of the packages or can be taken as an individual class. After completion of this class you will be allowed to apply the cost of this lesson to any of the other training packages we offer. With the purchase of any of our obedience packages you will be issued a training manual you can keep for future reference. If you do not purchase a package the book can be still be purchased at the end of the session..
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Introductory Lesson
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