Here at RDT training is designed with optimum wellness of the animal in mind. We have created a harmonious blend of dog training styles and made them our own. No methods are used on your dogs that we do not use on our own. We certainly never hit or abuse dogs! We love, care, and have respect for our canine companions. With the RDT training programs you won't believe how quickly most behavioral issues disappear!

There are basically two sides to dog training, positive only training and avoidance training. Both styles of training are useful but nether one of these styles should be totally relied on. Positive only training consists of voice tone, body positioning, and food reward. Here at RDT we have found that only using the techniques from this type of training produces less than desirable results. Avoidance training typically uses training tools that should be reserved for use by professionals like shock collard,pinchers and choke chains. If an inexperienced person utilizes these tools incorrectly the end result could be a scared, timid dog, creating a new set of issues. This type of training has its uses but may not be effective for all dogs, and should not be attempted by anyone other than a professional.

After reading hundreds of training manuals and reviewing different methods and styles of training, RDT has created an innovative new look at dog training with a training style that has been rebuilt from the ground up. Only providing the best, most up to date training programs available today. We believe that the best way to teach a dog is to teach the owner to use a blend of both positive and negative reinforcement, creating a well balanced and good mannered dog. Your dog will still be allowed to be a dog and maintain the desirable parts of his unique personality. Your dog may not become a robot but he will become the best dog possible with your love and my guidance.
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